How to apply the vinyl

Your vinyl decal comes with transfer tape already applied. The transfer tape, which is sticky and transparent, allows you to lift the vinyl decal off of the backing and transfer it to your window (or other desired surface). To be sure that the decal is fully lifted by the transfer tape, you will need to rub the transfer tape over the decal design with a flexible plastic card ie: library or credit card.

After cleaning the surface of the window, place the decal into the desired position.

Rub the decal design again with the flexible plastic card so that the adhesive on the back of the decal sticks to the new surface. Peel the transfer tape off, leaving only the decal design behind.

After applying your expression to the window, you will discard both the transfer tape and the backing paper. They are used only for installation purposes.

If you ever need to remove your vinyl decal all you need is a hair dryer. It should peel off easily when the heat of the dryer is applied.

*Your Thoughts Exactly decals are for decorative purposes only. Your Thoughts Exactly shall not be liable for any damage, including but not limited to windows or paint.